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  • Full engineering thermal/process, mechanical, pressure part and structural design packages for all listed areas of products and expertise.
  • EnergyFlow Diagrams (EFDs) and Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) for listed areas of products and expertise.
  • Equipment specifications, materials selection and technical documentation for inquiry and purchasing.
  • Assessment of plant utility needs.
  • Isometric drawings for all utilities like steam, condensate, process water, chilled water, etc.
  • Detailed P & I diagrams for each utility.
  • Pipe routings & layouts.
  • Equipment layout drawings with equipment specifications.
  • Management and coordination of the engineering disciplines for small to medium sized projects.
  • Client interface and interpretation of all technical or design matters.
  • Detailed Bill of Material and Specifications Data Sheets.
  • Pipe routing and layouts.
  • Piping flexibility analysis where required.
  • We have the qualification to help you standardize your entire system. You can opt for a steam system audit that will be custom designed to your needs. The audit can assess just a single plant room, or your entire steam system, depending upon what your requirement is.

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valve installation

One of our many distinguishing qualities is our sense of ownership and the accountability of your project. Our service covers the entire spectrum of requirements for your project and goes beyond consulting and designing equipment for your system, to include installation and commissioning as well.

This way we ensure optimum plant performance and follow-up services if and when required.


Our team of pipe and services specialist are able to perform jobs such as industrial piping works, fabrication, insulation & maintenance job cater to any industrial needs. We not only take pride in providing best services but also always considered customer’s needs as our priority.

piping installation